I hope you have had a good holiday too. That you were able to relax, with a bit of sun, and having done fun things. Like probably many of you, I was traveling by car this year. Since this gives the flexibility that we like to have in corona times.

I drove many miles. What does my car tell me after this time? That I have to refill my tires because the air pressure is too low. If you don’t, the tires deteriorate quickly. Braking becomes more difficult, it costs more fuel and the profile wears faster.


The board computer

Very handy that most cars nowadays have an indicator in the board computer that tells you what is going on, right? It says: “I need some attention! “. You can then go to the fuel station to refill the tires.

It is also special that we also respond to this message. We simply arrange it because we know that it is better for the car and actually also for us, our wallet at least. Once the air has been set again, the car can be used for a while without too much extra attention.


Regular maintenance

There are actually quite a few things that need regular attention and maintenance or update so that they work optimally again and also last longer.

Your home, your means of transportation such as public transport, the car or bicycle, your devices such as computer or telephone, but even your relations. One by one they ask for maintenance and we or someone else will arrange this.


But what about yourself? What about your tire pressure? On the physical and mental level? Do you ever take the time to look at this? And if so, are you doing this because you have to or also as a precaution?

Most of us don’t. And that’s not surprising. Because our board computer does not send a message to our phone and says: “Attention, your tire pressure is low”. This would be a message we would understand.


The bad thing is, our body and mind do have this signaling system – we just forgot to understand it. And if we do sometimes understand it, we still go on for too long or even act against it.


The value we assign to something

But how? Why do we spend time and effort patching up other things while neglecting ourselves? While our life, our body, our mind should be so much more important and precious to us than, say, a telephone, a car, or even a house?


Once in a lifetime

Many other things you can replace, even though it costs money. But your life…?

You are so much more precious than everything around you. If you’re not functioning well, everything you have in your life isn’t of much use, not even your family or friends. How could you be there for someone else if you’re not even there for yourself?


Learn to listen to your body

Therefore make sure that you can read your own board computer again. If you understand the message, you can also learn to press the right buttons for maintenance.


Alarm signals from your body

Your Sleep

Sleep is one of the best regenerators the body has.

Is your sleep bad, that means:

  • you have trouble falling asleep
  • you wake up very early
  • you sleep restlessly
  • you worry and grind a lot in your sleep
  • you feel restless when you get up,

then you don’t have enough resistance to withstand a busy day. The worse you sleep, the worse you can handle stress. This is a vicious circle.

Therefore make sure that you have good night’s sleep at least every now and then. If necessary with a (natural) supplement. Calming activities in the evening such as reading, yin yoga, or taking a walk can help you sleep better. Meditation helps to bring the brain into a frequency that it also adopts when sleeping.


Your brain

Brains are quite sensitive to stress. In general, our performance is less when we are stressed than in a relaxed state. The most obvious characteristics of a stressed brain are:

  • you have trouble thinking clearly
  • your concentration and focus are not at its best
  • you forget a lot
  • your brain is working overtime, you just keep on thinking
  • you sometimes lose the overview


Your body

This is where things often go wrong because we think the body should perform anyway. As if it was a device. But we often forget that devices need maintenance.

Your body could be one of the best indicators for stress. These are signs of stress:

  • you have high blood pressure
  • your heart rate is usually high
  • your breathing is flat
  • you regularly experience aches and pains such as headaches or back pain

For the clarity, these are just some of the indicators of stress.


Learn to understand your board computer – and act accordingly. Ideally, you should also schedule regular maintenance – after all, you also bring your car regularly to the technical inspection