Mind above Matter –


A Masterclass in which You are the Master of


Your Mind, determining Your Matter


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“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

Henry Ford


MasterMind – Mind above Matter

Within this 30-minute weekly masterclass, we laser-focus the mind to achieve the “matter” and life we want to have.

Quantum physics teaches us that the mind cannot only influence ourselves but also the physical realm which is in the end nothing else than inert energy. 

Discover laser-focus mind tools
Focus on an aspect of your life to improve
One aspect gets the group's laser focus
Tuesdays, 8:00 - 8:40 pm CET
Online sessions in English (easily to follow)
Instructions available in Dutch and German
Private Facebook Group to share results
Small contribution fee* goes to O. U. R.

* € 3,00 per session or € 10,- per month.

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All contributions for this MasterMind that we collect in 2021, we will donate to O.U.R.

About O.U.R. – Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Undergrond Railroad acts against child-trafficking, modern child slavery.

Some experiences with MasterMind…


I played around with the idea of receiving money, more specifically 10k. Out of the blue I saw the day after the unexpected transfer of 1,5k on my bank account. A month later, the rest showed up. Magic.

N. N.

A very difficult meeting was awaiting me at work. The other person was kind of bullying me, yet in a superior position. After a laser-focus session changing my mind and expectations of this encounter, the situation changed completely. 

N. N.

Your trainers in MasterMind




Main trainer and founder of IDevelop Coaching and MasterMind. 



Trainer of MasterMind and enthousiast about the power of mind and energy.



Working as a volunteer as the other trainers, dedicated to serve others and the world.