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Stress costs the economy billions, every year.

How much does it cost you?

This sounds probably familiar…

      • You are very driven and ambitious in your profession. One of the first things that you do early morning is checking your emails. Often even before the first cup of coffee. Before you know it, your day starts off in the usual rush.
      • The time on your way to and from work you use efficiently. Answering emails, typing messages or making phone calls. Luckily we are well connected with our our phones operating as a mobile office.
      • At work, you go on with that multi-tasking style, answering mails while sitting in meetings. When else should you do the tasks that are piling on your to-do lists and on your desk? In the end you’re heading from meeting to meeting, with no time for “real work”.
      • The moments you feel tired you bridge with caffeine. An upcoming headache you can tackle with aspirin. Moving on, staying strong. The backpain is sometimes a killer with the many hours that you spend sitting. For sports to stay in shape, is very little time.
      • After you left the office, work still goes on, at least in your mind. You’d love to spend a wonderful evening with your loved ones. But there’s no free space in your mind to listen to the stories of the their day. And there’s still emails coming in…
      • In these kind of moments you get impatient and irritated. Since you are so busy at work, you can’t handle more besides this. In the end you bear that hassle at work anyway for your family, so that you all can have a great life.
      • You try to relax on the couch with some wine, watching TV. Exhausted you go to bed, but not without the final check for important emails. Your sleep is not very deep and all but refreshing. One thing is for sure: the whole thing will in start over again tomorrow morning.
      • Sometimes it feels as if you were not able to keep up with all that’s going on. Not performing a 100% at work, not as successful as you could be, nor the partner, parent or friend you wish to be.

    But –

    are you aware of this #1 thing?

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    Which capacities can you miss in your busyness?

    Chances are big that you are not as successful as you could be without stress.

    How much longer do you accept this playing small?
    When will you start to live your full potential?

    How long do you want to go on like this? You may think: “It’s not that bad with me. Going to bed earlier once in a while, an evening relaxing, or on vacation, and then I’m back to normal.” Let’s be honest: how many times have you had those thoughts before? And what has actually changed since then?
    Chances are big that you continued doing what you always did. Receiving the results that you always did. Physical and mental symptoms caused by stress.
    More than 50% of Europe’s working population says to experience serious work stress. In management positions, its 80% who experience this. Many of them with burnout syndromes.
    Most people don’t see where they are heading to, until it’s too late.
    Needless to say that there is a chance that also you will be running into a burnout, if you continue like this.
    Decide to change course and take matters into your own hands!


    StressLess! is a 90 days programme in three phases, giving you tools to reduce stress instantly whilst regaining your brain’s and body’s capacities to live your full potential.

    Discover where you are at

    To know where you are going requires to know where you are at.

    Note the gap to be bridged and the progress you make reducing stress with StressLess!

    Explore various StressLess! tools

    Investigate different tools dealing with diverse symptoms and causes of stress.

    Discover the effect they have on your stress level and experience the transformation

    Create a tailor-made plan

    The training enables you to establish your tailor-made plan for your needs.

    Use your favorite tools for urgent emergencies or simply for “maintenance”.

    Let me support you on this journey!

    I know where you are at since i’ve been there, too. Having someone explaining and showing you how it works, makes the learning so much faster and easier.

    Follow others you have accepted this challenge to deal with their stress earlier. 

    Claudia Frankenreiter

    PS: Read more about my path here!

    Through IDevelop I learned to change my skills and professional behavior. Claudia created a tailor-made coaching program for me to achieve my goals and to overcome the subconscious fear that limited my business growth. She found a way not to change my personality, but to increase my self-reflection and adjust my behavior to achieve my goals. Whether you are looking for support in personal development or in dealing with specific situations in your professional life, I recommend that you contact Claudia.

    D. P., manager regulatory affairs

    Claudia coaches in a committed and pleasant way with a lot of insight into the different methods and a lot of attention for me as a client. A knowledgeable coach with a warm and open personality. After the sessions, I noticed a clear positive change and I felt more free and calm.

    K. N., sustainability consultant

    Claudia is a very empathetic and straightforward person. She helped me a lot in an application process, while I was much too nervous to prepare for an interview. Moreover, she not only has a lot of experience in business coaching, but also in personal coaching and can therefore be a perfect support in developing a happy lifestyle, career and relationships. In my opinion she is one of the best coaches I have met so far. What I especially appreciate is her analytical mind and her ability to open your eyes and show you things from a different perspective. 

    M. F., architect