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I could work like really hard…



I take you back to the year 2003. I had just graduated as an architect and had started looking for work with my portfolio under my arm. I had my eye on eight young and ambitious companies where I wanted to introduce myself. I managed to do this – after all, everyone was surprised by my way of ringing their door bell.

The recession at the time meant that in the end I could only company hired. A company that worked internationally and therefore had little trouble with what the economicy in its own country. It was fun and challenging work and at the same time there were too few employees to do acquisition and get all the work done. You know what was the result. None of us worked eight hours a day. After all, our creative job was also our passion and we were driven and ambitious. And the work had to be done in the end, right?

The office grew rapidly and so did the responsibilities. I was promoted and managed teams, internally and externally. And yes, the working hours were still crazy. That was also the office culture. Try to reverse this and stand up for yourself when everyone does a regular 60 hours week. The peaks of 80 and 90 hours were also part of the deal, just before deadlines.

By now we were some years further and the hard work took its toll in my private life. Arguments at home over me spending another weekend at work were not uncommon. Friends also knew by now that there were weeks if not months when they wouldn’t see me much. There was also no time for hobbies. As if this wasn’t enough, my health also started to deteriorate. I was sick all the time. And as it’s supposed to be for a good employee, especially on weekends. I tried everything to reduce my stress but without much result.

The big turning point for me came in 2006. My father got very sick and ended up in the ICU. But I was also ill again and was therefore not allowed to see him to say goodbye. Horrible… In the end things luckily turned out differently. This was the moment I said: STOP. I knew that otherwise the stress would massively harm me.

That’s why I started looking for ways to deal with stress. But then like really, no patches but a thorough approach. As an engineer I am quite rational, so it had to be methods of which the result could be proofed. I have benefited greatly from my search and I am not exaggerating when I say that my life is now very different, not only at the level of stress.

I still use some stress tools almost daily, even in meetings without others noticing. Fortunately, because of that thorough approach, I never ended up in the burnout that awaited me for a long time. The stress I put on myself is almost gone. I experience the stress from thr outside much less, and if I do feel it coming up, I deal with it very differently.

Every morning I jump out of bed happy and cheerful, also when I have a busy and intense working day ahead. And if I close the laptop in the evening, I can let the work rest. By dealing with stress differently, I was able to progress to a management position in real estate development.

By now I have had a coaching practice for a number of years in which I support my clients in dealing with their stress.



It’s hard to ignore stress – but you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to how stress affects you. Whether it is the short-term positive stress that makes you excel better or the long-term and/or negative stress that causes you complaints, this is certain:

Stress especially puts our brains under stress. As a result, by definition we do not have the full capacity, not only at the level of thinking ability.


Sometimes we seem to think that stress is happening to us. That we can’t do anything about it. If we look closely, we often have the “choice” of whether or not to allow something to stress us out. In addition, part of the experienced stress is caused by ourselves, by thoughts and beliefs that we have.

We are not victims but are in control of our own lives. Live full out instead of being lived, action instead of reaction!

What you need to know about me…


I coach primarily based on the subconscious and the information it delivers. The subconscious are the 95% of the iceberg under the water, that determine so much more than the 5% of our consciousness. This way of coaching ensures that the approach is effective and leads to the desired result. After all, if you’ve been dealing with a problem for half of your life, you don’t want to spend the other half trying to get rid of it.

What is typical for me?


  • I am convinced that my personality gets stronger with every setback that I experience. This enables me to get through difficult times as best as possible.
  • If I don’t move, I get cranky. That’s one of the few things that gives me a bad mood. So I do what I can to not let this happen. Going for a stroll at the beach is the ultimate means for this. Moving and emptying your head at the same time, wonderful!
  • I do Intermittent Fasting, and that’s why I’m bursting with energy. I am an enthusiastic follower of this way of mind & body hacking. Because of IF I’m in a better mood and also perform better.
  • I used to be a party animal, my sleep is now sacred to me. Sometimes I lie in bed at half past nine to read one of my many books for a while, before I fall asleep.
  • I go through life with a conscious smile. Not only because I like to laugh a lot, but also because in my opinion life is much easier to handle with a healthy portion of humor and positivism.



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