Free Intake

The ‘Free Intake’ is the possibility to get to know each other and see if IDevelop can help you with the issue that bothers you. And more important, this meeting should clarify if you have the trust that we are a good team to tackle your issue. These 30 minutes can take place in person or via phone, face-time or skype. This talk doesn’t leave you with any obligations to proceed your path with IDevelop

Issues that IDevelop can support you with…

The likeliness that a coaching session for a private issue also influences your business life is very high, also vice versa. 

The range of possible issues that IDevelop can support you with, is wide. To mention a few:

On personal and/or business level:

  • improving self-confidence
  • creating focus
  • defining and implementing goals and ambitions
  • improving performance
  • improving relations with others
  • eliminating sabotaging beliefs, implementing supporting ones
  • living in the here and now instead of the past and future
  • eliminating fears and anxieties
  • coping with bad experiences and trauma’s

On health level:

  • physical pain, such as back pain or headaches
  • ailments of skeleton (such as scoliose), organs, glands
  • various physical and mental challenges
  • reducing stress in specific situations, de-stressing, easing burn-outs
  • allergies 
  • weight loss
  • sleeplessness

If your issue is not mentioned on this list, please contact me to see if I can help you with it.