Coaching for Personal and Business Development


Coaching for Personal and Business Development

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Services of IDevelop Coaching

IDevelop provides Personal and Business Coaching on the base of NLP, Systemic Work, PSYCH-K and Energetic Work.

IDevelop believes in the self-sufficient potentials of each and every individual. Therefore it supports in revealing and exploring the underestimated or even undiscovered potentials within us. As a result, the “I” develops and strengthens the “ID”, the identity. This belief in the potential strength of every individual  is not only the base for development on a personal but also on a business level, since a chain is as strong as its weakest link.

Mostly it’s ourselves that hinder us from living our full potentials, unconsciously. This has to do with the enormous role that our subconsciousness plays. More than 95% of our behaviour happens unconsciously. Therefore Freud compared our consciousness and unconsciousness to an iceberg. With the top of the iceberg being our consciousness, and the huge mass underneath the water being our subconsciousness. 

IDevelop’s strength is that it has various types and techniques for Personal and Business Coaching at its hand. Hence these types can be used separately, combined or sequentially, matched with the client and his or her needs. With all of them, both consciousness and subconsciousness are approached for dissolving blockages and thus enabling us to live our full potentials. Quite often, results can be booked in very few sessions, sometimes even in one

The Personal and Business Coaching can happen 1:1 or in a group and in three languages: German, Dutch or English, either face to face or on distance via face-time or Skype. Where necessary and adequate, IDevelop cooperates with other coaches and trainers, providing complimentary services.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) describes the dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and their interplay affecting our body and behaviour (programming). The neurological system regulates how our body functions, language determines how we communicate and our programming determines the kind of model of the world we create.

A very important assumption in NLP is “the map is not the territory”. In other words, we can never know reality but only our (personal) perception of it. The ‘objective’ information of the world runs through our personal filters before we perceive it. These filters are determined by memories, language, perception, values…

NLP helps you to re-programme your filters so that the message received by your consciousness and subconsciousness is different than before. As a result, your (image of) ‘reality’ will change. 

Systemic work

Systemic constellations can be valuable if blockages are related to the family or business context. They reveal the actual mesh behind the family or business structures that we take as self-understood. Constellations are especially valuable when present-day difficulties are influenced by traumas suffered in previous generations, even if the person affected now is unaware of the original event in the past. 

Via morphic resonance, the coachee gets the information on how to place the representatives of his or her system in the field. These representatives can be persons, puppets or simply coloured sheets. It’s the energy that surrounds us that gives the underlying information to the represented system. This information is about the order of a system and its relations, translated in physical experiences and wording.

With constellations, the irregularities of a system can be revealed and resolved. With this, everyone belongs to the system can take the right place with a  balance of giving and taking. 


PSYCH-K is a very simple and yet successful method to change our limiting beliefs. Beliefs that hinder us to live our full potential. They are imprinted, often already in our childhood our youth, through experiences or simply just words by others. Rationally we know that these beliefs are not beneficial. Sometimes these imprints are deep down in our subconsciousness so that we don’t even know that they are there. Still they sabotage us.

These limiting beliefs can be “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not allowed to be more successful than my parents”, “I have to work hard to prove myself”, “The other is more important than I am”… I guess we all know them in one way or the other.

How beautiful would it be if these imprints could simply be turned to the opposite “I’m perfect as I am”, “I’m successful and I respect and love my parents”, “My value is intrinsic”… – PSYCH-K is a beautiful and very fast technique that supports you on this transition. Limiting beliefs can be reverted instantly.

Energetic work

Energetic work such as EFT and Reiki can be a wonderful means to bring the coachee in the right state for a session. On top of this, they can also be valuable treatments by themselves, depending on the issue that is to be dealt with.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is referred to as acupuncture without needles. By tapping the meridians, it has not only a soothing impact on our nervous system, it can also re-programme our experience of happenings. EFT is a simple yet effective method that you can take home with you to use whenever you feel the need to.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It is practiced by actual or intentional ‘laying on hands’, increasing the ‘life force energy’ that runs through us. In a Reiki treatment, body, mind and emotions are dealt with.


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About IDevelop

Claudia Frankenreiter

IDevelop was founded in 2015 by Claudia Frankenreiter. Claudia has a professional background in real estate development. For years, she’s been working as a concept and project developer for real estate projects. As in coaching, her driver behind real estate development is ‘to make a difference in our lives’.

Daily happenings in business life made that Claudia underwent her very first training in coaching in 2012 – primarily to cope better with these situations. Situations that everybody knows: you notice that things go wrong. The next time you try hard to act differently but nothing changes in relation to the previous situation. The fact that this automatic pattern simply plays off, has to do with our subconsciousness. It’s therefore that Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist and author, compares our subconsciousness to a tape recorder, playing the tape that is programmed, see here. After her first coaching training, Claudia noticed the enormous effect that it had, not only on the business but also on the personal level. She followed various kinds of training and supported many people with private or business issues, by helping them to help themselves.


Career Planning

Through IDevelop I have learned to find and use personal experience to improve skills and behaviours in my professional life. Claudia created a tailored coaching style and program for me to help achieve my goals and to overcome subconscious fear that each of us certainly have that put constraints to and limit our personal growth. She finds a way not to change my personality, but instead to use it to increase my self awareness and to adapt certain behaviours to be able to achieve  my personal development goals. Whether you seek some supports in personal development or to cope with specific situation in your professional life, I would recommend you get in contact with Claudia. (D. P., Manager Regulatory Affairs)

Job interview

Claudia is a very empathetic and straightforward person. She helped me a lot with a method to control myself while applying for a job when I was really nervous to prepare for an interview. Furthermore she has not only a great experience in business but also in personal matters and therefore can be of perfect support in developing one’s own happy lifestyle, work career and relationships. In my opinion she is one of the best coaches I have met so far. What I appreciate most is her wide-open and analysing spirit and her ability to open your eyes and make you see things from a different point of view. Observing things from above often makes it easier to take decisions that seem difficult in the first place. Thank you very much, Claudia! (M. F.)

Professional goals

Ik ben door Claudia in aanraking gekomen met NLP; we waren al lang met elkaar bekend als ze met haar coaching opleiding bezig was en het was ook al een tijdje dat ik bezig was mijn dromen en doelen te bepalen en vorm te willen geven. Claudia heeft me tijdens een NLP sessie geholpen de meest belangrijke vraagstukken voor mezelf duidelijk te krijgen en mijn doelen te visualiseren. Op heel professionele wijze en met veel invoelingsvermogen stelde ze hierbij hulpvragen om me op mijn pad te zetten. Na de sessie was ik dan in staat actief mijn eerste stappen te zetten en veranderingen in mijn leven aan te brengen. Ik kan iedereen aanraden met Claudia te werken; ze weet precies hoe ze je de spiegel moet voorhouden om jezelf beter te begrijpen. (B. A.)

Various matters (personal and professional)

Claudia heeft me in verschillende sessies met behulp van diverse coaching methodes (bijv. NLP, familie- & systeemopstelling, EFT) begeleid en ondersteund. Tijdens de coaching kwamen uiteenlopende onderwerpen aan de orde, zowel privé/persoonlijk als ook zakelijk. Claudia coacht op een betrokken en prettige manier met veel inzicht in de verschillende methodes en veel aandacht voor mij als cliënt. Een kundige coach met een warme en open persoonlijkheid. Na de sessies merkte ik een duidelijke positieve verandering en voelde me vrijer en rustiger. (K. N.)

Interpersonal relationships and physical stress reactions 

Jeder Kontakt zu meiner Schwiegermutter hinterließ schlechte Laune und Ärger in mir. Mit Claudia lernte ich in einer kurzen Familienaufstellung den Blickwinkel zu verändern. Ich schlüpfte in die Rolle meiner Schwiegermutter und fühlte mich von mir selbst abgelehnt und unwohl. Ich lernte, mir mit einem Fingerdruck einen Sicherheitsballon überzuziehen und mich gedanklich, in eine mir bekannte, sehr gelassene Person zu versetzen. Seitdem kann ich jeder mit meiner Schwiegermutter Begegnung gelassen entgegensehen. In einer anderen Sitzung bei Claudia erlernte ich das Tappen. Mit dem positiven Zuspruch zu mir selbst und der Klopftechnik, versuche ich immer wieder meine Galle zu entspannen oder Verspannungen zu lösen. (S. S.)

Allergy (Hay fever)

A big Thank you to you dear Claudia for your help with the allergy. You make a miracle and starting today I don’t need to take anymore the allergy pills. I am so grateful to you because after 6 years when I took daily one pill and sometimes spray for eyes and nose, now I am released. (A. B.)

Long-lasting pain

Ik heb bij Claudia een EFT sessie gehad voor mijn maagklachten. Deze sessie is voor mij zeer effectief geweest, want ik heb namelijk geen maagklachten meer. Claudia gaat op een intuïtieve en integere manier om met haar cliënten. Daarnaast werkt zij doelgericht en zorgt zij voor een veilige en vertrouwde omgeving. (Anoniem)

Claudia, sinds de behandeling nog geen een keer buikpijn gehad!! Je behandeling heeft m’n verwachtingen overtroffen, super bedankt!! (P. B.)


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